4/16/16 SUB Spring Showcase


SUB spring 2016

Come join us for a fun-filled day of shopping! Whether you’re buying for yourself, or for Mother’s Day, you’ll find all kinds of incredible wares presented by over 50 local vendors.

The Seattle Unique Boutique represents a collection of unique, interesting, odd, weird, and otherwise magnificent craftspeople, artists, and healers.

Please feel free to invite your friends, neighbors, and people you think might be interested in vending or doing healing at the show.

FREE ADMISSION & $5 Mimosa Special!
Music by Mikey Mars

Alice’s Aromarama – Soy, non-toxic candles with a twist (S16)
A Wild Dryad -Qabalistic Tarot (S16)
Beautifully Gloomy Art – Sugar skull type art (S16)
Caps’N’Scraps – Jewelry made with bottle caps, bandannas (S16)
Cheshire Chocolate Co. – Vegan chocolate with essential oils (F15, S16)
Chrysalis Tribe Designs – Bullet, wire wrap, gemstone jewelry (F15, S16)
Circle of Healing – Aromatherapy oils & custom blends (F15, S16)
Crystallography – Crystals & more, for your home, health & happiness (F15, S16)
Cute N’ Ugly – Illustrations & wood burn (S16)
Cybele Leon – Unique, sexy lingere and costume pieces (S16)
Emerald City Wireworks – Jewelry and accessories (S16)
Emily McLaughlin Arts – Skeleton shadowboxes, paintings, mixed media sculpture (S16)
Ethereal Virtuoso – Facepainting & Henna (S16)
FaceOdd Wearable Art Masks – Leather, shaped masks (S16)
Falcorations Odyssey – Monsters and more (S16)
Fantasticality – Unique accessories (S16)
Feathers of Artemis – Feather-adorned garments (S16)
Foamy Wader – Sea inspired jewelry (S16)
Gypsy Dream Gems – Wire wrap jewelry (S16)
Hatz Hardy – Crystal and metalwork jewelry (S16)
Jenny Clairvoyant – Psychic readings (S16)
Justin Troeppl, LMP – Relaxing, therapeutic massage (S16)
Keepin It Creepy – Crystal adorned, painted skulls (S16)
Kittywake Designs – Repurposed cashmere accessories (S16)
LiviJoyHoops – Hula hoops and bleach patterned clothing (S16)
Lemon Boss Media – Emo cross-stich and digital art (S16)
Little Green Things – Inspiring hand-painted yarn art. (S16)
Living Light Alchemy Designs – Energy discs for healing and ascension (S16)
Lulievision – Comfortable sweatercoats, playa coats, and fun festival attire (S16)
LunaBulan Jewelry – Hammered copper jewelry (S16)
Malas by Mischa – Custom, high-end malas crafted with intention (S16)
Massaggio Galore – Massage services (S16)
Matchbox Kelly – Matchbox and diorama art (S16)
Repurposely Different – Repurposed artifact light fixtures (S16)
Sabi Designs – Mana bead jewelry (F15, S16)
Squirrel vs Coyote – Chainmail contemporary jewelry and accessories (S16)
Skrilly Art – Spraypainted art (S16)
SmallRiniLady – Paper cutouts and anime themed materials (S16)
Soapy Business – handcrafted, natural soaps (S16)
Something Pretty – buttons, bows, and sculpture (S16)
Stasia Burrington Illustration – Fun, quaint, quirky illustrations (S16)
Supernature Studio – Polymer clay and stone accessories (S16)
T. M. Originals – Jewelry from found objects (S16)
The Shrubbery – Unique, craft drinking vinegars (S16)
Tiny Thunder – Kitschy, clever jewelry (S16)
Upcycled Shiny Things – Upcycled jewelry and accessories (S16)
Zhen Liu – Air plant art (S16)
Zoë the Psychic – Tea leaf reader (S16)
ZomBambie Crochet – Curious and skull crochet work (S16)

Feminist Karate Union – Karate school for women & children (S16)
Northwest Center – Equal opportunities for people of all abilities (S16)

F15 / Fall 2015
S16 / Spring 2016

Garages easily located at:
Harvard & Pine: http://www.seattlecentral.edu/transportation/
QFC, directly across from Q
and plenty of street parking to be had, as well.

Parking is cheapest for longer term parking at Harvard Garage.

How Do I Become a Vendor?