The Seattle Unique Boutique represents original, unique artists, healers, oddities, metaphysicians, & curious crafts that vend in Seattle, and their followers.

We strive to showcase interesting work that evokes curiosity and intrigue, and perhaps even inspires YOU to make art. Seattle Unique Boutique works to leave viewers and participants with the feeling that they’ve seen and brought home treasures that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Check out our upcoming events to see what we’re about. Seattle Unique Boutique events are free to attend.



Michelle Ferris was born and raised in Seattle, and has been involved in event production and community building since 2010. She is strongly invested in engineering a better community – one that is more inclusive, interesting, and supportive of itself and outwardly, of other communities. Her background in marketing and management assist her in bringing people together to achieve common goals.

Michelle’s current interests most strongly correlate with house music culture, sustainability and eco-consciousness, and supporting local artists, healers, and craftspeople.

Strong beliefs in community, joy, and abundance – along with smart business practices – have helped her create the Seattle Unique Boutique, an integrative, interesting event from which artists benefit, and patrons are able to enjoy innovative wares and a unique experience while they shop.

To stay up to date with her projects/events, join Michelle’s e-mail list and/or her events promotion page on Facebook.



To learn more, or for media inquiries, contact Michelle Ferris.


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