Little Amy Liz

Seattle Unique Boutique presents: Little Amy Liz

Little Amy Liz lived in Illinois for 28 years. From the not so bad parts of Chicago to the sprawling corn fields of Dekalb and everywhere in between. She has always had a problem with authority and tradition. In her freshmen year of high school she was kicked out of art class and not allowed to study art any further. She spent a decade dropping in out of various schools and changing majors half a dozen times. In 2013 she finally earned an associate’s degree in graphic design. She discovered she hates typography. Her entry level design job was outsourced to someone in China. She packed up her cats and moved to Seattle. After a year or so she decided to paint whatever she felt like painting.

The viewer will find flaws in her composition and they might be intentional. There is also symbolism in the colors and shapes, those might be accidental. She believes the narrative of the artwork is up to the viewer. It is not her job to tell you what to think. She offers secret messages in her painting and meaning where there really isn’t any to be found. The square and the circle could represent the inequality of genders or it could just be a square and a circle. It’s her secret and your story.





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